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Displaying sticks


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Hi guys do any of you display hockey sticks , i have had some great game used sticks and with my man cave nearing completion i want to display my sticks.

I went looking for ways to display them and came across a company called breakaway displays they make a little plastic or aluminum clip that holds the stick and that you can screw into the wall. i was pumped to buy this till i saw the price 20+5 shipping....for 2 clips...uh the clips must cost 20 cents to make.

anybody have any other ideas? what do you use to display your sticks?

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There's a competing product that looks like exactly the same thing http://hockeystickhanger.com for only $14.99 each! :rolleyes:

After I saw these online, I figured I'd just go down to my local Home Depot and try to find a similar small bracket that could fit the same purpose. Cover the inside in felt or something else to provide some protection to the stick and you're done.


Unfortunately I am incredibly lazy and forgetful so I haven't tried this yet :lol:

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This looks like it may work for a whopping 58 cents each :thumbsup:


Perhaps it's too narrow at only 1" but I'm sure there's something out there just as cheap.

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Go to http://ultramountdisplays.com/ to get great jersey and stick displays. They also sell them on eBay! I have them for my man cave.

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Aketon that's exactly what i was thinking , the u bracket is perfect i will check out homedepot and see what they have, flyerzfreak i think that is a little pricey for something that litteraly cost less then pennies.

Aketon i will go tomorrow to home depot and let you know what i find i am pretty sure ill find what i need there.

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