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Authentic Phoenix Coyotes Starter Road Jersey (Black Jersey) from 1996-1997 to 1998-1999 season


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I am sorry but I first posted this question and I put alternate jersey. I am not looking for the alternate jersey, I am looking for the black road jersey. Thanks for helping and I am sorry that I wrote the wrong jersey.

I am looking for a starter Phoenix Coyotes authentic Road Jersey (Black away jersey). My question is regarding the specifics of this jersey. Can anyone give me the specifics of what I need to look for regarding this particular jersey? I already have a starter white authentic Coyotes home jersey(1996-1997 season). This jersey has the authentic center ice tag, the size tag ( Made in EL Salvador of US Components), and the starter tag below it. It has the fight strap and on the back hem at the bottom it has the starter logo with starter written below that and the NHL shield next to the starter logo. It also has the shoulder patches one saying phoenix Coyotes and the other that says goals for kids. My main question is regarding both the home and away jerseys. I have seen some jerseys with size tags that have made in EL Salvador of US components and some jerseys that say made in EL Salvador. I have seen other teams that have the made in EL Salvador of US Components with original tags but I haven't seen examples of other teams ( other than some coyotes jerseys) that just say made in EL Salvador. Does anyone know if starter made hockey jerseys during this time that have Made in EL Salvador minus the phrase of US Components on them? Also does anyone know if starter made the road (black away) Coyotes jerseys the first year or did they start making them for the 1997-1998 season or 1998-1999 season? The reason that I am asking that question is because the bottom hem should be different for those years for road (away jerseys). They should just say starter and have the NHL shield next to that for away jerseys made for seasons 1997-1998 and 1998-1999. If anyone knows the answer to this it would be greatly appreciated. I have seen one that has the correct specifics for the 1996-1997 starter jersey but the tag says made in EL Salvador and not made in EL Salvador of US Compnonets. I am trying to determine if it is fake. Thank you very much for reading this and your help is much appreciated.


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I also haven't seen any Starter 1996-97 jerseys for any other team besides the Coyotes that have the "Made in El Salvador" size tag without the "of US Components" part. But I doubt that means the Phoenix ones aren't legit. There seem to be quite a few of them around with the correct 1996-97 S-star/wordmark logo and the plain "Made in El Salvador" size tag.

I don't know for a fact that no other team besides the Coyotes had jerseys that had this size tag, but I can only say that the jersey in the auction from which you got the collar photo looks legit to me.

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Back when US Customs law 807 was in effect, apparel could be assembled offshore and duty paid only on the value added (labor) as long as all of the components were of US origin. Hence the added phrase on the material content tag. Everything needed was shipped here: cut parts, thread, buttons, zippers, etc. Nothing could be cut locally. If mistakes were made, replacement parts needed to be cut in the US and shipped south to complete the sewing bundles.

Sometime in the 1990s the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) came into effect. This permitted duty-free entry of apparel products made in Central America, even allowing for locally produced components, like fabric and thread. The phrase “of US Components” could be removed from the label and the word “Made” replaced “Assembled”. This is likely what took place regarding those jerseys that were sewn in El Salvador.

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I've had this since January 1997.


Says "Made In El Salvador" and rear hem is the Starter logo with the word underneath.


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