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Penguins 2009 nameplate


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I just received and stripped a Penguins 2.0 Edge. I will be sending it out to be customized by the end of the week. Somewhere in my insomnia last night, I put on the NHL network around 3AM, and watched the Pens defeat Detroit. As the ceremony began, I looked at the players nameplates, and they looked so thick compared to their white jerseys, that I was unsure of what they were made of. My two thoughts were either Twill or Edge 1.0 material. My Game Issued jersey came with an airknit plate, but their nameplates that night didn't look anything like airknit. I personally think Edge 1.0 nameplates on a 2.0 jersey would be a ridiculous idea, but possible. Anyone have pics of gamers for me, or a clue as to what they actually were made of, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!!

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I was actually thinking of that. I got a game issue no-name player and thought of that while I looked at the tag inside the jersey. It just seemed like that period, jerseys were all messed up. My GI is from 2009-10 and came with an airknit nameplate.

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