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2012 IIFH womens jerseys & Swedish league


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Does anybody know where to get womens game worn jerseys for any team other than Sweden? Specifically looking for Russian jersey for Tatiana Burina and Johanna Vuille-dit-Bille Swiss jersey from the 2012 world championships. Also interested in black German jersey and blue Finnish if the price is right. Actually, if the price is right, I'm interested in game worn jerseys from any of the world championship teams.

World Hockey Jerseys has the Swedish jerseys. I asked Nick about the others and was told it's almost impossible. Anybody else have any contacts?

If anybody does have any contacts I'm also looking for Swedish Olympic jerseys from 2006 and 2002, and Swedish league jerseys for Maria Rooth and Erika Holst.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I thought I've seen WHJ selling the Seden women's ones too. Unless I'm just the biggest tool in the world......which is a very distinct possibility.

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Thanks for the replys everybody. I'm about to consider it a lost cause. I know those jerseys have to go somewhere but I can't find anybody who seems to know where. I figured it would be a problem when WHJ said they couldn't get them. Thought I would ask on here anyway. You never know until you try. It was worth a shot.

WHJ does have the Swedish jerseys and I got Erika Holst's jersey, which was the main one I wanted. Also got 2010 Swedish Olympic jerseys from them last year. They are great to deal with.

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