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Educate me on what is wrong with this Devil Christmas authentic 10th anniversary


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Been going back and fourth with this jersey. Spoke with Brilliant who said it has a lot of issues and might be able to be fixed but there is no guarntees and could be a waste of money. So educate me on what is wrong. This jersey is a grail as I am sure it is for many. Here is the link and thanks ahead of time for your help.


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The CCM logo is incorrect for those two patches. That style was used in the 1980's rather than the 90's. Also, the shield isn't embroidered; it's a sewn-on patch. Finally, the patches themselves will most likely be hard to remove. That 10th anny one on the hem doesn't appear to be stitched on so it's probably heat-pressed all to hell. I'd wager the 75th is like that too. I don't see it cleaning up easily and that's a lot of money to dump on a question mark of that size.

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