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My first blog for classic auctions and a helping hand for those who want it


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Hi guys in my constant self promotion :) i offer you my first blog any input would be appreciated.


Also all those that are thinking of consigning to auction house please contact me i can get you guys much better rates then the 20-15% that is usually offered


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Thanks, it was really a jerseys for dummies first blog, i was asked to keep it really simple my next one is about the 5 worst jerseys in nhl history. As i get more comfortable doing them i wont to get a little more intircate with blog.

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Wow this looks like a GREAT resource, especially for someone such as myself, who does not own any gamers (and who would add a few to the collection). It'll definitely be bookmarked and referenced for future use. Thanks George for taking the time to put this together! I appreciate the effort!! :thumbsup:

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