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? about jersey fail


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I have this style CCM 550


I know this is one of those late 90 replica ones and im having a hard time finding an 05-07 Replica of the liberty and i want to eventually make one a lundqvist (im saving the reebok authentic to be either callahan or girardi rookie) and does the same jersey fail logic fall into place if this one was created into the king (only asking because he did wear the liberty and it is a CCM replica)?

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If it makes you happy, do it.

What he said. Its your jersey.....put what you want on it.....to some that sort of accuracy matters and they wouldn't do it.

If you don't care about that sort of accuracy, go for it!

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I personally never let a little brand logo get in the way of my fun. You could always have the CCM branding covered up by some of the same color twill to at least mask that aspect of it and add a vector logo later if you can find one.

In a world filled with people who buy horrid fakes, the .001% of people who know it shouldn't be a CCM wouldn't call you out in public anyway. We have more class than that.

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