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Rangers Team Store @ MSG


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Just an FYI for anyone going to the Philly game, the team stores are selling Heritage jerseys at 30% off. Last week it was the whites that were 30% off, so I'm hoping when they come home after the WC the homes will be on sale. Replicas are 130, which I think includes tax. Guy said the Indo-EDGE Heritage jerseys are included for anyone who wants one. Unfortunately, while they still have jerseys from last year with the vector, they took the 85th patch and retired numbers off, so no more 85th anniversary jerseys.

Also, they're selling a bunch of old school CCM Graves and Messier replicas for 150. I think they had some Leetch jerseys also, but they all had the "C" and Leetch wasn't the captain during the CCM years. Another thing I found out is that they're definitely NOT getting 2.0 WC jerseys, so anyone who wants one is going to have to go through other sources.

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Lol, I actually don't think they're calling it Double Teamed anymore. It just says Madison Square Garden Team Store, and there's two of them. Kind of annoying actually, they're both smaller than Double Teamed and there used to be stores on different floors.

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