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WBS Penguins sweaters


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Yo everyone, I'm on a search to locate a few of the old thirds from WBS. Anyone have for sale or know where to find the thirds from 05-06, 06-07, 07-08 and 10-11? eBay has been unsuccessful, and searching google just brings up pictures and random links to non-Penguins stuff.

Thanks for the help, let me know what I can do to assist anyone.

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Can you post a pic?

One of the great things about the WBS Pens is that they keep a fairly detailed history of their jerseys on the team site:


I definitely wish other minor league teams had a jersey history page like this.

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Have you tried contacting the team store? They have some 10-11 jerseys, though that particular alternate is not shown on their online store, perhaps they can still get one. Aside from that your only bet as stated previously is eBay.

Just be patient and try to set up some saved searches to have the results e-mailed to you - much easier than remembering to check daily. The only other piece of advice I'd give is to have multiple searches, some people will list things as "WBS Pens" other as "Wilkes Barre Scranton Pengiuns" etc. so try to cover your bases with multiple searches.

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