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Early Whaler Fakes?


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Ok, so I know there is the whole "if it is too good to be true" saying, which applies here more than likely in my case. Few weeks ago Ebay had a 3xl Whaler jersey for sale, with Prongers name and number on the back. It was like $30 so I figured, what the heck I will take a small stab at it and won it. I could tell the numbers and name font were different from the game worn one, but didn't think anything of it as the guy sent me pics showing everything was stitched on. "Ok, cool, I can just strip it and get it done right if I want." Waited a few days and it arrived today. Here's some other fun things I noticed.

-No CCM tag. Actually no branding tag at all. Just a 3xl tag and a washing/care tag on the neckline (which lead me to think it was a jersey that was faked years ago as I have seen mentioned on here)

-Black. Not navy blue. Not "so hard to tell if it is blue or black". But black in the logo, stripes, name, numbers, etc. (This is a white jersey, the stripes that are supposed to be blue are black, the whale tail is black, etc)

I am not overly upset about getting a knock off Whale jersey as I didn't spend gobs of money on it, but am more so looking to get info on these jerseys that were fake made, or just made by some small company and retailed early on?

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Yeah; funky colors usually mean fake. I know Athletic Knit made a run of Whalers jerseys back in the late 90's/early 2000's but they were appropriately colored.

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