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I think I need to take a break from IceJerseys for a little while


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Hello everybody,

I've recently started to evaluate my position on this forum after my little outburst with aketon in the helmet decal thread. Since joining the Ice Jerseys community two years ago (I still can't believe its been that long), I have gone from not having a clue about this hobby, to being an avid game worn collector. Some of the people I met on this board I truly call friends, and I respect the opinions and debates that come out of this board.

I've grown to realize that this hobby acts in cycles, and at this point in my life priorities are starting to take a hold. I feel that I can't contribute to many discussions on this thread because there is such a flood of knowledgeable people on this board (which is an amazing thing), and that I no longer have the passion to debate the intricacies about this hobby. I don't know why the latter has formed, but I just seem to feel that these things need to be accepted and that everything does not suck in the NHL. Maybe its boredom, maybe its just I don't care as much as I used too, all I know is I feel I am not contributing anything valuable to this board on a regular basis and because of that I need to step back for a while.

Hopefully some time away from the hobby (which does not count the 1982 Maine Mariners gamer I am about to purchase) will do me good financially and in the sense that I can get excited about the details that I once loved. I've become jaded, and its not fair to the people on this board to have to read that. I will probably post every once in a while in the It Arrived Today thread if I can afford anything, and will always be available via PM if anyone wants to chat!

This was extremely hard for me to write and I just hope this board keeps on being as awesome as it has been.

Thanks again for the memories, hopefully I will be back just like Jay-Z.


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Sorry to see you go buddy. It was nice meeting you at the expo, and I'm sure I'll talk to you soon. Especially since I never photomatched that Sauer Wolfpack jersey. Did you ever photomatch yours?

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No!!! Don't go!!!

But thanks again dude for all of our conversations. I understand where you are coming from and you gotta do what ya gotta do.

Hopefully you come back soon!

Best (until next time!)


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Please post the Mariners when you get it. I finally got mine a bit ago and the thing is just as gorgeous as I remember them being on the ice in the mid eighties when I got to see them.

Is it strange that I don't like the Flyers jerseys when the Mariners are exactly the same?

I understand burning out on a hobby, I used to collect vacuum tubes and build my own amps and preamps. I took it on as a sort of business and it just sucked the life out of it.

Unfortunately I have never recovered and don't build anymore and even though I ocassionally post or visit audio forums I just cannot get back into it.

So...if you are prepared to completely walk go for it, I am sure something else will take its place in your heart anyways but if you don't want to walk maybe just lurking will get you through?

Good luck!

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You will be missed but You will still be around. As life changes, so do priorities. I've been colecting since 1986 and now I've noticed myself waking up every morning reading the actual news headlines instead of cruising E-bay's newly listed. Years back I was heavy into hockey cards as well...but as it got more popular the companies started producing more and more stuff. The hot cards one year became "last years garbage" the following season. The dealers were practically giving away the old stuff just to pay for the new stuff. Too many jerseys, teams and outlets are available now...What made collecting so great was the fact that there were nothing but "GOOD PEOPLE" (such as yourself) in the hobby, fans of the sport of hockey in general. But now too many people are involved just trying to make a buck. Enjoy your hobby for what it is...the only real investments you are making are in the memories that the jerseys, cards and friendships bring back in your latter years. My Father has been gone for three years now, but I'll never forget the shows and conventions we attended together. That was the most valuable aspect of this hobby for me as I look back.

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