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Thrashers Limited Edition Koho


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So as mentioned yesterday in my spot removing thread, I recently won a Koho 3rd Thrasher's sweater (replica) and it has the year five patch on the shoulder as well as a patch on the hem saying "Limited Edition Year 5 3rd Jersey. 665 of 2004" Visually there is nothing different between this one and others I have seen, so was this a marketing ploy by the Thrash to sell third jerseys? Were they given away before others could get them? I have searched for info on this, but come up with only ebay auctions trying to use the Limited Edition stuff to try and make the sweater more appealing to a buyer.

I had no clue any of this was on the jersey when I got it, so it was a surprise to me.


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I recently went from 1 authentic and a practice worn to 2 practice worn and 3 gamers...no thirds though, would love the early one or even just an early dark, all mine are white except 1 blue home.

I figure maybe in 10-15 years they will be crazy high like Whalers and Jets jerseys.

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