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Submit Your Jersey to Third String Goalie!


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We are pleased to announce a new opportunity to submit your jersey to Third String Goalie for others to see!

There is no limitation to what kind of hockey jersey it can be. It can be a replica, authentic or game worn jersey from the NHL, a national team, the minors, juniors, college, high school or even your pond hockey jersey.

Feel free to write a paragraph or two about the jersey telling us why you like the jersey, how you got it, what makes it special to you or even a full-blown Third String Goalie-style history lesson - whatever you feel like sharing.

When sending in pictures, they must be at least 425 pixels wide at a minimum, which is actually rather small. If you send in larger pictures, don't worry, we will be resize them to fit our format for you.

A photo of the front of the jersey is obviously needed and a picture of the back is certainly preferred, especially if it has been customized with a name and number. You can also include any relevant detail photos if needed to tell your story, especially of any additional patches.

Lay the jersey flat, as shown below, and shoot the photos from as straight overhead as possible with the arms of the jersey folded so they run straight down the sides of the jersey.

The simpler and more neutral the background is, the better. For example, beige carpet or perhaps wood flooring is preferred to dark colored tile with white grout. We recommend using an on camera flash to minimize any wrinkles, as light coming from just one side, such as that from a window, will rake across the jersey and accentuate any wrinkles.



If you have a jersey in your collection that comes to mind and you'd like to share it, please submit your pictures and a story to go with it, no matter how brief or detailed, to spyboy1@gmail.com and we hope you can help us out with a cool jersey and story to go with it.

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Great idea. Looking forward to reading the stories and seeing the jerseys.

Me too, but it's not going to happen if people don't participate! :)

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I have a couple I will send your way, Jeff. One of them will be the Chicago Steel jersey you liked however it's not going to be that player, waiting to get the last of my Andy Miele haul.

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Is this for a limited time only? I have one I would like to use for this but it is in the process of being customized now, not sure when I'll be getting it back.

No, not at all. The more I can get to do my work for me, the better! Oops, did I say that out loud?

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