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Mudbugs Customization

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So does anybody have any pictures or game worn jerseys from the Mudbugs I can reference for customizing? I'm coming up empty on this style (I honestly don't even know what year this is from), not sure if their font has changed over the years but I'd still need to figure out what colors the numbers and name were for this style...any help would be greatly appreciated.


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After a lot of digging it's from the 2003/04 season from what I could find. I have not been able to come across any clear photos showing what kind of font is used...

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Anybody have any idea what kind of font this is..it looks like white on red on black and the black might be a drop shadow on the back? Also does the name look like it's just white or is it layered? My eye site is pretty rough to begin with so making this out is good luck to me.



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