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Joe Sakic 2005-2006 jerseys with patches


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There's a jersey on ebay I might want to place a bid on so when I do get it customized, I want to make it a Joe Sakic with the 10th Anniversary patch and the Hurricane Katrina patch. My question is did Joe Sakic have the Hurricane Katrina patch on his jersey along with the 10th Anniversary patch at one point because I cant find any pictures with the Katrina patch. Sakic did play all 82 games that season according to Yahoo! so I want to be sure.

Here is a picture of a Brett McLean gamer with both of the patches.


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That was a fast reply Burnaby Joe, thanks :).

On that note, it seems to be hard to find an authentic Katrina patch but if I do find one, I'll let you guys know.

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Speaking of the Katrina patches, were they only worn by teams at home

I have a Crosby rookie jersey, and I put the Katrina patch on it thinking that they wore it on the road against the Devils in Crosby's first NHL game.

All the Katrina patched gamers though are the black Pens jerseys.

I saw some video on youtube of the game and it seems like they didn't wear it that night

So am I correct in the assumption that

1. each team ONLY wore these patches in their first home game (i.e. If the team's first reg. season game was on the road, they did not wear it then)

2. the road team did not wear them when the home team did

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Great call Mike. In that case, these highlights will help. October 10, 2005. The Avs, and all NHL teams wore the Katrina patch only during the first period of their home openers. You can see the patches disappear in the second period highlights. Sakic isn't seen during the first period highlights, but he picked up the secondary assist on Patrice Brisebois' power play goal at 18:54 of the second period.


Still no pictures of Sakic wearing the patch, but over 19 minutes of ice time tells me that Sakic played in the first period (or chilled in the locker room the first period and was an absolute HORSE the rest of the game.)

Cool thing about that Meigray listing, Brett McLean scored that goal wearing the jersey on Meigray. If it was a 56 or a 58 I would have bought it long ago.

Hope that helps and good luck finding a legit Katrina patch. I haven't seen one yet. If you find some let us know. There are a lot of people looking for them.

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