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removing marker/sharpie from a screen printed #


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does anyone know how to do it?

i have a couple of champion basketball jerseys that were signed and it looks like they were washed a few times, so the blue ink has soaked through to the inside of the jersey

ive tried a bunch of things and the only thing that seems to be doing anything is nail polish removal and the difference is still negligible.

im just concerned because the # is starting to crack from all of the crap im putting on it and from scrubbing it with a tooth brush

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the # more or less came off, but the glue residue is still on the jersey.

will acetone help take that off? i tried some goo-be-gone, but it didnt do much. is goof off that much better?

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Acetone will disolve plastics and rubber, don't think it does a lot on adhesives.

I've only ever used goof off 2, as noted in my Sutter write-up - http://forums.icejer...?showtopic=3831 for both stains and adhesives.

I've used it successfully on other 2 jerseys to remove a few numbers that were stuck, as well as the remaining adhesive (took a while).

Note - I've only every used it on ultrafil and air-knit.

Brilliant! was saying that the original goof-off will hurt certain fabrics, so test whatevery you use, first.

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