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Whats Wrong With This??

Edge 2pointzero

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So I just got my Edge Authentic Roenick in the mail....the 27 on the front looks out of whack to me.

What do you guys think. Move the 2 only, The 7 only...or scrap them both and have it redone entirely?

The rest of the jersey looks great, but this is really bothering me. I want to do it right the first time and cant really find a decent pic to match up.

1st pic:


and the 2nd:


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If you're looking for the specific error, it's the number width.

Your cresting is too thin and can be noticed by the "square" shapes that should be in the middle of the #2 but is missing on yours. Yours simply is black twill without the cut-out in the middles, where on the team jerseys it's got the little squares cut out and you can see the teal air-knit underneath.

Also the spacing is off between the numbers it's too wide a gap.

See if the place that did it will fix it. Usually they will if you provided specific pictures to match, however if you just said "make it a Roenick" you may be out of luck... Should be a cheap fix though for 2 small numbers if you're happy with the rest of it.

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