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I've been waiting for almost 15 months for a custom order from VHC. There is another member in here that posted in April that he had been waiting over a year for his custom order.

On the other hand, I have a pal and there are others in here that have had better luck with VHC as far as timely delivery. And, all seemed to be satisfied with the quality of the product.

They advertise 6-8 weeks for a custom jersey. In my case, change the weeks to months, and multiply by two. But, since I've yet to receive my order, that may yet prove to be an incorrect time frame also.

In previous posts about VHC, I left out my personal experience, not wanting to upset VHC and further delay the process. But, at this point, if the truth hurts, so be it.

I've stopped asking about the delays. It's always something. The easy route for me would be to ask for my money back. But, after all this time I've gotten a little stubborn. In a perverse way I want to see just how long VHC is going to drag this thing out. The process has been pretty painful.

Has anybody used these guys before? if so were you happy with their work on the jersey?

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The process has been pretty painful.

That's why I never ordered. I spoke to the guy on the phone and he was nice and honest and told me about some issues he was having with delays.

It's just not in my make-up to sit and wait 4-6 months or more for something I already paid for that should take a month or two. It would make me nuts every day so why torture myself?

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