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Tuscon Scorch gamer

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I'm wondering what the interest would be on a gme worn (PS only as they folded before the 1st game) Tuscon Scorch jersey would be.


It's just like this only #23 with no 5th year or Miller Lite patch. The name on the back is Porter. I believe this was Aaron Porters jersey. There is no roster for the Scorch.

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I'm interested. PM me what you would like to get out of it and I will see what I can do. Love the color combo on that thing.

Sorry, twi, I already bought this from Jimm. Hope to receive it today or tomorrow. Cheers!

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Dang. Oh well, hope you enjoy it! If it ever needs a new home let me know. :P

I received it today. It is super sweet!

I'll let you know if I ever need to move it.

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