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May 10th 2011: Malakian broke up the music to say what an honour it is to play Rexall. “I’ve been a huge Edmonton Oilers fan ever since I was a little kid,” he said before heading the crowd in a chant of “Let’s Go Oilers.”

I thought this was cool and might be worth sharing.

Daron Malakian is the guitarist of System of a Down. This was their first concert after being on hiatus for a few years.

Daron is a long time hockey fan and hockey jersey wearer.


I think a few people would have seen Daron's personalised Kings jersey in this video.


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I was seriously considering going across country to Seattle to go to the SOAD concert tomorrow night. Only problem was nobody wanted to go with me. If SOAD releases any dates on the right coast, I am without a doubt going.

Easily top three band :thumbsup:

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Next up, Canadian band 3 Inches of Blood.

Big time Canucks fans. I love the Canucks logos amongst band patches on the denim vest.





The singer's Facebook profile pic:



If you want to check out their music here's a clip:

PS: they no longer have the weird, out of place, hardcore short haired singer in the band.

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I actually do like 3 Inches of Blood. They're good in a corny sort of way. Almost like Anthrax was back in the day. They're goofy but they can still play some heavy stuff.

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Not metal but DROPKICK!

They're still awesome despite the fact they're from Boston. :D


I'll take Dropkick's Boston music any day over Jay Z's NY "music". Only thing Boston has over NY is the music lol.

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Heh...nice. You have to give him that first album though. Doggystyle is still a classic. Back when rap was still decent.

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Even hockey loves SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how bout them jerseys huh?!?!

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Snoop is one of the few rappers I can handle. If Gin and Juice is good enough for Beavis and Butthead, it is good for me! :thumbsup:

(check out that Pens jersey :thumbsup: )


Is he also wearing a Spokane Chiefs jersey?

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