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Anybody remember "Our Game To Give"?


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OK. Taking a shot in the dark here but somebody must remember this game. It was a charity game played in Canada during the NHL lockout in 2005. I LINKED an article I found on the game. A group of retired and locked out players got together and played a game to benefit the Red Cross of Canada.

I can't find any actual pictures of the players playing it except for a few that look like roof shots from the arena. Does anybody know what the jerseys looked like or have pictures of them?

I stumbled on a signed Joe Cirella jersey from the game and can't figure if it's a game worn or not. I can't imagine they made replica jerseys of a charity game but one never knows.

The jersey doesn't have a fight strap or any of the typical game worn professional trappings. The crest, numbers, name, and all advertisments are some kind of rubber-like material that are applied to the jersey but I have no idea how.

The signature matchs other signatures I have found from Cirella and is in marker so that's not printed on the crest.

Just hoping somebody might know exactly what this is.





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I know footage of the game exists. They were showing a report on it in between two games at the World Juniors in Buffalo. It was all rainy, and in Hamilton IIRC. Besides that I can't help you, I honestly had no idea it happened until then.

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Did some leg work on this one and confirmed it as game worn.

Joe Cirella is now an Assistant Coach and Assistant General Manager with the Oshawa Generals in the OHL. I sent him some pictures in an email and he confirms it is indeed his jersey from the game and that they were auctioned off after the game for charity.

Not that it's a big deal but I like to know what's hanging in the closet as much as possible.

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