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Ryan Miller Jersey HELP!!


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Ok- I bought this one and talked about it over at HFBoards, and it is determined that this one is indeed fake, most noticeable because of the blue nameplate. Which in all honesty I don't mind it being fake, it looks kind of nice haha...As it's just a Team USA jersey -




Also wondering on this one, although I'm not buying it.



Now I'm looking at this one on eBay, may bid on it - It seems pretty authentic, with the tags and everything but I'm not so sure. Can someone help me out and give me advice on this? Thanks.



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Fake............fake.........and mmmmmmm fake.

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So I agree with the other guys on here. All of those jerseys you posted are terrible fakes. There is a thread that discusses the difference between fake and legit jerseys on here. It's pinned close to the top of the "NHL" section. I believe you should check it out. You'll definitely learn a lot and soon enough be able to spot fakes and how ridiculous they look compared to the REAL jerseys. If you need any other help I'd be glad to assist you. :thumbsup:

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Nobody noticed the tags on the USA jersey? Looks like it's officially licensed "team Canada merchandise." :unsure:

Wow! That guy is a total Einstein!

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Please don't buy any of these. You can get a blank 3rd from jersey-express on Main for $60 then get get it customized or send it to me and I'll do it but please don't add to the embarrassingly high number of sabres fan with the fake thirds.

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