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OT: young hockey fan needs your help


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one of the few positives of being forced to watch the carolina feed of tonight's canes/sabres game was that the announcers introduced me to an 11yo kid from albany who has a genetic condition that makes tumors grow on his nerves.

apparently, when the river rats moved to charlotte, he was so bummed that he asked his parents if they could follow the team, but as it turns out, charlotte has one of the few clinics in the country that actually deals with the disorder that he has, so the family is going to make the move.

if you're on facebook, for every person who "likes" the "checkers" page, $2 will be donated to the boy's family to help them move. for a few seconds of your time, it seems like a no-brainer.

id even encourage you to copy, forward, etc.


and here's a story on the kid and his family. he's already had 21 different operations including the amputations of both of his legs [Frown]


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I remember reading about that a while back when the story broke about his family doing that. Just an amazing story. I'd be a very proud fan if I followed that team. They've done a ton to help that family out. Kudos for them.

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You guys are awesome. As a Raleigh native and a big canes fan...its awesome to see hockey help people out, regardless of location. Can't say I've seen any other sport band together this way, I'm sure this bug kid will be thrilled to get here. He's got a pretty special bond with some of the players, is allowed in the locker room about whenever he wants and the guys all shower him with attention.

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