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Updated selling/trading rules and regulations


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Okay, I'm getting rather tired of seeing useless and unnecessary posts in this forum. From now on, there will be no posts allowed that don't involve a useful question about the item listed. No more "PM sent" or "I wish it were a...!!" or "Nice jerseys!". Also, "For Sale" threads MUST contain both pictures(or links where beneficial) AND a price for said items. These posts will now be deleted to prevent unnecessary bumping and to eliminate clutter. If you have any questions for the seller, please PM them via the boards OR e-mail them where available.

Also, to save on forum space, if you have a previous sale thread on the first page, DO NOT create another one to sell different items. Please do everyone a favor and edit your previous post. Anyone who makes posts like this will have them deleted and repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

Any questions should be directed towards me via PM. Thanks for your cooperation folks.

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Howdy folks, it's clean up time.

If you haven't already, pls re-read the Brilliant!® post above.

I'm gonna do some house cleaning by deleting very old/un-used topics in the trading post, and I'm also going to go through current topics and clean 'em up.

Here's how this is going to work:

- Whenever you add new stuff for sale, always add it to the start of your thread, and simply bump your thread and state something like "see first post, AMAZING NEW STUFF ADDED!!!" (most of you already do this, I know, but for those who don't, pls do)

- When a new bump occurs, I will delete any old bumps periodically.

- if you want older posts removed from your thread, simply delete the post content and leave a symbol of some kind or 'delete me' or something to that effect. Most of you already do this by leaving a dash.

- I will be deleting any "pm sent" messages...if you've got a pm, do you really need a 'pm sent' message to tell you? I'll leave it alone if it's a "Dude, your mailbox is full! PM me!"

And on that note - clean out your inboxes periodically; it's easy to 'email archive' your messages should you want to keep 'em

- Having The Trading Post full of 1-post threads titled "Wanted..." or "Looking for ..." doesn't help, and I will be moving them to the wantlist.

Please only post items you have for sale, and use the the wantlist thread for stuff you're hunting for.
I know it's a busy topic and a lot of you feel your posts get burried in a hurry, but on that note - I encourage everyone, but especially for any of you looking to sell something, go back 20 pages or so and scan through it again, or even just start from the start one day and zip through it all. You'd be surprised how easily you might get a quick sale out of it.

If any of you have any questions/comments/concerns/etc, keep 'em to yourself!!

...I mean...please send me a PM and I'll do what I can to help you :D

Oh yeah, one last note - edit your sig so that it shows your wantlist, and you'll be advertising it every time you post -


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