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What to do with these....


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I've picked up a few nice jerseys over the last year or so, but most of them need a bit of work. I figured I'd ask the forum what to do with them.

Exhibit A: Tampa Bay Lightning CCM. This has some blown stitching through the crest, almost like someone took a wire hanger and dragged the hook through the bottom of the bolt through the word "LIGHTNING". It had a #4 on the back, which has since been removed.


1) Should it be re-crested?

2) What name and number should be gone with on this one?



EXHIBIT B: New Jersey Devils CCM ultrafil with Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch. I got this as a poorly customized Bernie Nicholls jersey with personalized autograph "To Dan". Since my username clearly indicates that my name isn't Dan, that's gotta go. And since I was never a Nicholls fan, the name and numbers had to as well.

I think most of the sharp contrast between where the numbers/nameplate were removed and the jersey itself is due to the fact that the jersey itself has a pale yellowish haze to it; I'm guessing the previous owner was a smoker. There's some small stains all over the jersey. Don't worry, this is not and never was a gamer.


1) What's the best way to get that adhesive residue off the back?

2) When that's done, what name and number should I go with? I'm thinking either a Brodeur #29 preseason (which I've seen a few of) or a Peter Stastny (which I have yet to see).





Exhibit C: Vancouver Canucks CCM ultrafil; mid-90s style (red as tertiary color rather than orange).

This one is especially problematic. Do I remove the C and keep re-do this as something in the 20s, do I keep it and make it a Linden (knowing that the outline of the 2 will be visible under the 1), or what?



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Wow. Three really nice jerseys and three messy situations, that's for sure.

For the Lightning one, you can have someone restitch the crest if necessary. Or you can just strip it and try to replace the whole thing. You'll have to find the same size crest though. Also, Vinny never wore that style jersey. That's a 1992-1996 style. You do have some great font options with it though in the paintbrush font, inaugural weirdo font and ITALIC inaugural weirdo font!

For the Devils one, try some Goo-Gone to get the adhesive off the back. That should take off the excess glue and residue crap. That discoloration patch where the nameplate was is tough though. You really can't get that off. Just make sure when you do recustomize it that the nameplate is either the same length or longer than that white block so it all gets covered. You COULD try washing it in some Oxy Clean. That might bring out some of the dingyness but there's never a guarantee unfortunately. Petr Stastny would be a cool choice too. You don't see too many of his jerseys in the red and black; usually only the red and greens.

Finally, for the Canucks one, take the C off, put a FG 2 pts and 1994 Finals patch on it, leave the 26 on and put Hunter on the back. Voila! You've got yourself probably the only Tim Hunter Canucks Finals jersey in your area...unless you're in Vancouver. :D

I hope that all helps!

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