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MeiGray Population Report


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I found this while doing some research - I had no idea anything like this existed. Maybe it's not news to some of you, but for me it changes how I can research jerseys from 2002 - 2009 dramatically.

NHL-MGG Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program Annual Population Reports

Spreadsheets containing all data from MeiGray on almost every NHL jersey from those seasons. Patches, A or C, set info, GIs - a gold mine of info.

Maybe it's the IT professional in me but I'm absolutely giddy with having this new "data" to go through. thumbsup_anim.gif

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So was this really not news to anyone else? Or did I maybe not explain how awesome this is?

Say you took JeffB's advice and picked up a correct Teammates for Kids patch.


So now you want to figure out who wore that patch. For your favorite team that might be easy, maybe you watched the game. Even for a superstar player it might be easy to find a Getty pic of them with the patch.

But let's say instead of researching Joe Sakic, you're trying to find out if Brad Winchester who only played 59 NHL games that year wore the patch for Edmonton? For me that'd be digging through Getty and looking up game reports etc. Say halfway through you change your mind and want to research if Andreas Lilja wore the patch. You'd almost have to start over.

But thanks to the 2006-07 MeiGray Population report you quickly see a list of *EVERY* jersey/player that had that patch including what size they wore, A or C etc.

Simply awesome.

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Hey akteon:

I've been aware of these for a while. I agree they are a great resource, with a ton of data. I find it a little strange that they are accessible through the nhlgameworn.com page, rather than through the main meigray.com page. I would think that the main Meigray page gets much more traffic, so I feel that they are kind of hidden.


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