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Just got back from the Islanders/Capitals game...

Well, I can honestly say that my in my opinion, Ovechkin is the most offensively gifted player in the world. His hand are incredible (my seats were fourth row tonight - I might as well have been trying to defend against him myself). He makes things happen every time he touches the puck and he was the entire Capitals team. All of this said, I also believe the Capitals are, hands down, the worst team in the NHL and that they have done little to better themselves over the past year, much to my displeasure. Which leads me to this:

In the Ovechkin/Crosby debate, there will never be a definitive answer but I personally conclude that Alexander is the far superior player, for his demeanor, intensity, talent and the fact that he is a one man team. If the argument that Ovechkin has less guys around him was hard to sell last year, it certainly won't be anymore. The Penguins are improving rapidly. Staal and Malkin are on board now and Recchi is having a good year. M.A. Fleury is finally getting into the form they'd hoped for from him and the Penguins are actually a good team. The Capitals were embaressing to watch. I wanted to play for them, because I honestly felt no shame in saying they'd have benefitted from having me on the ice. Ovechkin could be out there 5 on 3 and he's still alone. I mean, he may as well ask his team mates to wear opposing colors, because the hinder him more than they help him. He centers the puck to Zubrus and Chris Clark, cutting to the net, looking the other way, blocks the pass. He puts the puck through a defender's legs and a guy on his own team hits him in the arm and shoulder, knocking him off the puck. Given the fact that even on a far weaker team, Ovechkin still seems just as good as Crosby, I hypothesize that skating with Malkin and the Pens, Ovechkin would put up 150 points in a year. He's incredible and I hope he asks for a trade one day (though he seems far too nice of a person to do that) because I don't see him ever having a chance to win in Washington.

I mean - they signed Kolzig long term because they want him to be the building block for their new franchise. Kolzig has lost his game and it's not coming back. He's a second string goalie at best and they're stuck with him, because they won't be able to trade him, given how little talent he actually has left and how much he's getting paid. Washington should be on the market for a center, a goalie and defense who actually join the play and know how to move the puck. I spent the night laughing at the Washington coaching and management and wishing a miracle for Ovie, because it's like watching a drowning man out there.

The kid with the most intensity in the league. The biggest heart, perhaps. Certainly one of the most entertaining players in the league, while still exciting, is obviously playing with half the intensity that he could be, because his team is in the basement of the NHL standings and not going anywhere soon. There's almost nothing to play for - they had no chance from the very beginning. Put him on a winning team and he's going to score 200% more, on energy and intensity alone because his heart would be back in the game. When a team is so bad it has Ovechkin playing half heartedly, I kind of wish they would fold and let their players get picked up by other teams. Washington was just pitiful tonight, and that's coming off of a 7-1 loss to Toronto (Ovechkin had the only goal in both games...).

Ok... rant over.

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Glad you got to see him play in person, hoping that I get a chance someday but that might take a while.

Though everything I have seen written or said about him agrees with what you say.

I do agree about Kolzig though, he isn't the goalie he once was. The Caps need to look to acquire a goaltender to take over.

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I mean, my respect for the kid shot through the roof tonight - he's incredible. It killed me to see how out of it he looked though - you can read the dissapointment on his face and see how withdrawn he is after each faceoff (at least from how close I was). Not to say he doesn't work hard - Ovie at half intensity is a handful, but the fact that the team is so bad that he doesn't seem to be flying full throttle is heart breaking. I think after seeing him in person, from as close as I was, Ovechkin has officially won over the top spot as my favorite player of all time. And he's a great guy and personality for the game - read this excellent (lengthy) article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6112101807.html

Tell me when you get to Sex Bomb. I laughed out loud. If he's not the most likable player in the NHL, I don't know who is.

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I can see where he gets it from, his whole family has their heads on straight and he followed directly. The Sex Bomb part was quite funny.

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