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Philadelphia Phantoms to wear Broad Street Bullies jerseys

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The Phantoms have just unveiled ANOTHER specialty jersey.




The Broad Street Bullies are one of the most-recognized groups in NHL history, well known for their style of play that brought two Stanley Cups to Philadelphia in the 1970s. In many ways, those teams have defined the entire history of Flyers hockey.

The Broad Street Bullies shaped the future of hockey in Philadelphia and also developed into an entire culture of expectations for opponents and fans at the historic Spectrum, making the building one of the most loathed places to play for other NHL organizations.

The Phantoms will be honoring those Flyers teams of the 70s on Friday, February 20 as part of their celebration of the final season at the Wachovia Spectrum. The club will wear a Broad Street Bullies-themed jersey as their second specialty jersey of the season when the club hosts Portland at 7:05. The jerseys can be seen tonight at phantomshockey.com.

The game will also honor Frank Miceli, one of this year’s inductees into the Phantoms Hall of Fame. The contest will be televised on Comcast SportsNet beginning at 7:05.

After the game, the jerseys will be auctioned off in Bullies Restaurant, named for the very group of Flyers the jerseys represent. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Comcast-Spectacor Foundation.

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HA! That's pretty wild actually. It just sounds like something out of Slap Shot. Those jerseys look like the old Blackhawks barber pole jerseys too! Didn't the Phantoms wear another weird jersey somewhat recently too? Or am I thinking about a different team?

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I don't think that there is an adjective in the English language to describe how awful I think those are. This is the AHL, not the ECHL, or that fraud posing currently as the IHL.

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I agree with Rab - this to me seems like something you'd see in a lesser league (like the prison outfits or the Ronald McDonald jerseys). The design itself isn't as bad or as cheesy as those, but it's not representative of what jerseys the "Broad Street Bullies" actually wore for the Flyers in the 70's. It seems like they are trying to invent some retro style that didn't exist. It would have been better in my opinion to just have them wear the new Flyers 3rds and call the promotion "Broad Street Bullies" night.

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