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2009 All-Star Rosters set

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D Brian Campbell, Blackhawks*

C Ryan Getzlaf, Ducks*

G J.S. Giguere, Ducks*

F Patrick Kane, Blackhawks*

D Scott Niedermayer, Ducks*

C Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks*

G Niklas Backstrom, Wild

D Dan Boyle, Sharks

F Dustin Brown, Kings

F Shane Doan, Coyotes

C Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings

F Milan Hejduk, Avalanche

F Jarome Iginla, Flames

D Nicklas Lidstrom, Red Wings

G Roberto Luongo, Canucks

C Mike Modano, Stars

F Rick Nash, Blue Jackets

D Sheldon Souray, Oilers

C Joe Thornton, Sharks

C Keith Tkachuk, Blues

D Shea Weber, Predators



F Sidney Crosby, Penguins*

F Alexei Kovalev, Canadiens*

C Evgeni Malkin, Penguins*

D Andrei Markov, Canadiens*

D Mike Komisarek, Canadiens*

G Carey Price, Canadiens*

F Ilya Kovalchuk, Thrashers

C Marc Savard, Bruins

F Thomas Vanek, Sabres

C Eric Staal, Hurricanes

F Zach Parise, Devils

F Dany Heatley, Senators

F Jeff Carter, Flyers

C Vincent Lecavalier, Lightning

F Alex Ovechkin, Capitals

D Zdeno Chara, Bruins

D Jay Bouwmeester, Panthers

D Mark Streit, Islanders

D Thomas Kaberle, Maple Leafs

G Tim Thomas, Bruins

G Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers


So gotta say there were a few surprises to me. Kovalchuk may be my favorite player, but I didn't really feel he was deserving of making the All-Star team this year (Though now I have another AS Jersey to buy). I know every year that deserving people are left out, but I really feel that Phil Kessel should be there for the East, hopefully he is the first person thought of if someone can't or decides not to make the trip to Montreal.

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Having to include Tkachuk since the Blues needed a representative probably cost Mikko Koivu from the Wild his place in the game.

Kessel should be there - no question.

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Yeah...great idea to let the fans vote as much as they want.

While I do like the idea of the fans voting for the starters, I do think it should be limited. 25 times per email address or 25 times per phone number for texting. Now does that alleviate all the problems, not really since people out there have multiple email addresses, but it is a place to start.

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So now we have the annual conflict of jersey numbers to be sorted out. The general rule of thumb the league takes is starters get priority, then seniority.


Ovechkin and Komisarek 8. Komisarek voted as a starter, what does Ovie take?

Kovalchuk and Jeff Carter 17. Kovalchuk has seniority, Jeff Carter takes?

Lecavalier and Bouwmeester 4. Lecavalier has seniority, Bouwmeester takes?

Heatley and Kaberle 15. Kaberle has seniority, Heatley takes?

Lundqvist and Thomas 30. Each will keep their number since goalies aren't on the ice at the same time.


Toews, Doan, and Thornton 19. Toews voted as a starter, so he gets 19. Doan has seniority over Thornton so what does each take?

Hejduk and Brown 23. Hejduk with seniority, Brown takes?

So got a few questions to be answered still. And of course, replacements might throw off the equation a bit more.

And DesertRat gets to get an All-Star jersey of someone other than Jovanovski.

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It would appear that some of these questions have been answered maybe.

On shop.nhl.com when you can pick the jerseys to be customized, many of them have new numbers already.


Toews gets 19, Doan gets 18, Thornton gets 97

Hejduk gets 23, Brown gets 24


Komisarek and Ovechkin both shown as 8, so may still yet to be determined

Kovalchuk 17, Carter 7

Lecavalier 4, Bouwmeester 3

Heatley 51, Kaberle 15

Lundqvist 35, Thomas 30 so apparently I was wrong about keeping their number.

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I was hoping the All-Star jerseys would look better customized. Granted I'm just basing this off the "preview" flash app on shop.NHL.com but I was expecting more. Maybe a chest number to offset the single sleeve number or a team patch somewhere. Not even sure what I don't like about them now, maybe they'll look better once pictures of an actual customized jerseys surface.

I was kind of excited to possibly get a Lundqvist, but that would mean lifting my Edge boycott and so far the design issues are keeping me away. If I'm lucky I can keep my Edge boycott active until the Rangers add a new third or they're involved in a Winter Classic.

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I guess the preview thing on shop.NHL.com was wrong. Here's some 2009 All-Star jerseys from eBay from a legit seller that show chest numbers. Still don't see anything about a team patch.


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I guess the preview thing on shop.NHL.com was wrong. Here's some 2009 All-Star jerseys from eBay from a legit seller that show chest numbers. Still don't see anything about a team patch.


Doesn't look too bad, though am hoping that the seller just didn't have the team patches to put on and that they will be there somewhere.

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Kovalev and Thornton to wear the C's.


Also injury replacements.


Datsyuk replaced by Marleau

Lidstrom replaced by Robidas


Crosby replaced by St Louis

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The game was quite enjoyable this year. 12-11 in the Shootout. A penalty was even called in OT.

These guys listed below gotta find new jobs. 22 goals in Regulation and they can't even get a point. Geez, what losers.


Robidas, Weber, Getzlaf (Getzlaf wasn't even credited with a sog in the game)


Chara, Kovalchuk, Komisarek, Carter, and Vanek.

Though in all seriousness, the game was extremely fun to watch.

Now onto the 2nd half of the season and the hopes that Buffalo can start playing better. They are sitting in the 7 spot right now, need more breathing room.

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