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Flyers retro 3rd customization question


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For their first two games against Carolina and Tampa Bay, the Flyers alternate jerseys used the actual numbers and captain letters as they did in the 80s, most notably with the plain, straight alternate captain "A," the more intricate "2," and the the long-nosed number "1." But last night against New Jersey, they switched everything back to the home and away number and captain letter set with the shorter "1," simpler "2," and a more intricate "A."

My question is, if one were to order a customized jersey from IceJerseys that uses any one of those, which number/captain letter set would be used? The true retro look? Or the regular home and away set?

Link to NHLUniforms description: http://nhluniforms.com/2000s/Flyers7.html

Pictures of original retro look







Pictures from last night





This last picture has nothing to do with the above; I just thought it looked like a great old-school-style picture with the hair and the jersey. :thumbsup:


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I would definately go with the funky numbers. In the future, these jerseys (with the funky numbers) will be rare, since they will have worn them only 2 games. I wonder why they changed...

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Not really sure what the deal is here - I will look into it and try to get an answer. I am guessing that it was simply a matter of supply for the team... maybe they did them special for the first few, and found that for ongoing use, it was too complicated to maintain the jerseys with the funky font? Just a shot in the dark though.

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I think the side numbers will overlap on to orange on the authentics. Look at the jerseys durring the games. All the jerseys with double digits overlap.

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I'm sure IceJerseys will be able to provide funky lettering if you request them to. The font set is out there.

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