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Trading Post Rules & Regulations


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Due to some less than upfront activity that has gone on lately in the Trading Post forum, we have taken some steps and will be implementing some rules to insure that the forum maintains its purpose here on the SBBB.

The first and most important change that has occurred is the fact that our new member ranking system will affect posting eligibility. All newly registered members, and older members who have made less than 25 valid posts are now part of our newest rank called 'Ankle Skaters'. Ankle Skaters will have some limitations on the SportBuff BB, including the inability to start a new topic in the Trading Post forum. This is intended to insure a member has some familiarity with the SBBB community and vice versa before attempting to sell stuff. In addition we hope it will limit spam from 1-time posters who end up getting banned anyway.

Upon attaining 'Rookie' status at 25 qualified posts, and having also been a member of the SBBB for a minimum of 15 days, these members will be able to have full rights within the Trading Post, subject to the overall community rules, especially the following important point:

"This forum is not to be used as a means of commercial promotion of outside businesses, products, services, or events. Although we encourage discussion related to a wide range of subjects that may touch on other commercial entities, posts perceived to serve as promotion, advertising or spam will be removed. Violation of any of the above guidelines may result in suspension or banning of the offending member."

In other words, if you have some of your own jerseys you would like to make available for sale to other members of the community, that is fine. Please post clear informative descriptions of the item(s) offered and outside links to pictures or photo albums. We would prefer that you avoid uploading photos, as this eats up disc space. Keep in mind that we clean out images every now and then so eventually your image(s) will disappear from the post. Any posts deemed to be elusive, misleading or fraudulent will be removed.

What we really wish to stay away from is using this forum as a means to promote outside companies and their business activities. Everyone here knows how to use the Internet, and if they want to find a deal on jerseys, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to use google. If you found a great bargain somewhere out there in cyberland, then congratulations, take advantage of the deal, and relax and enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with getting a bargain. You researched it, you deserve to benefit from it. If you feel you absolutely must pass on your excitement to someone else, because you are such a deft and talented deal seeker, then send a PM or two to those you know within the community. As for everyone else, they can find their own deals! The information is out there for those who really wish to find it, so for that reason we don't feel it is necessary to use the SportBuff BB as a promotional vehicle for other companies. In addition, SportBuff has many great sales and promotions throughout the year, so feel free to share that information within the community :thumbsup: . I am pretty sure you will get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you do!

I hope this will clear up any misunderstandings that have occurred in the past, and will result in content that is more relevant and useful to the community as a whole.


- CW

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