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Hey guys, I've been an IceJerseys.com browser for a while now, and I've loved all of the customization that has gone on both through IceJerseys and on everyone's own jerseys. I think it's finally time to customize two of my jerseys and I need some help determining where and how to purchase some numbering and lettering kits.

The first jersey is a 2006-2007 RBK Toronto Marlies AHL Jersey. I picked it up at a game last season where they were selling them off for $59.99 because the new EDGE jerseys were out. I'm wanting to customize it with DEVEREAUX and number 21 on the back.




The second jersey is a 1998-1999 Pro Player Maple Leafs Jersey. It's been laying around my room for some time so I'd like to get it done as well. Now the Leafs wore this jersey with the leaf on the shoulder from 1998-2000. So in terms of a player, I'm not sure of who to put on there. Either Steve Thomas (32), Sergei Berezin (94), Steve Sullivan (11), or good ol' Wendel Clark (17). These were the years they wore the big circular style numbers.




In terms of lettering and numbering, the Marlies jersey uses the same system that the 06-07 Leafs used. White numbers with blue and silver outlining.


The Leafs used the circular style with white numbers and a blue then white outline.


So overall I'm just wondering if anyone can direct me to companies or websites that can provide me with the lettering kits. Does not matter the type of sewing used, just as long as they can be heat pressed and then stitched afterwards.

Thanks a lot for your help guys!

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Well icejerseys doesn't sell lettering kits themselves, but they are capable of doing the customization, you would just have to send them your jersey.

We have a few people on the board that have done customizations themselves, they would be better suited to inform you of where to buy the lettering kits though if that is the route you want to go.

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