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Kevin Porter - U of Michigan


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I've been away for a while and haven't been buying many jerseys this summer, but I did receive this one yesterday...

(I still haven't gotten the photo-taking thing mastered, as you see)



Hobey Baker award winner and Coyote prospect Kevin Porter Nike replica.

This was purchased and numbered thru IJ. It's a medium, which was all they had. I usually wear a large. It fits OK everywhere, except the waist where it hugs my girth. :blink:

The numbers ARE straight and perfect, it's hanging on a hangar as you see.

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I think it's rather neat how Michigan differentiates their on-ice jerseys vs. the fan merchandise. The replicas sold to fans have the school seal on the shoulders, while the player-worn jerseys have a maize "M" with crossed hockey sticks behind it for their shoulder logos. :)

I've been looking to get "Montoya" on one of mine for a while (coincidentally also a Coyotes prospect, now that he's been traded...) :)

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I have worn the Porter jersey to a game and have heard "go blue" way too much. I do not like U of Michigan, but it was the last jersey for sale and Porter played there, so why wouldn't I do it? Some guy came up to me and said he was a big fan of theirs and asked me how the football team is doing. A big fan would know that, already. No comments on Porter, which is the only reason I bought it. I do get compliments about it, and the other ones I have, however. I haven't worn a Coyote jersey to a game this season yet, just all the college and junior league ones, so far.

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I think Michican plays nice hockey . I have seen a couple of games on online TV :P

Im in the netherlands so i got no other choice . But when i buy a college jersey it will be one of the wolverines or U of Maine

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