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Reebok 6100 Patrick Roy Customization ?

Matthew Carlson

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Now I know that IJ does customization. Can they customize to many different years of jerseys? What I mean is, if I were to send in a late 90's Starter mesh jersey and a CCM airknit jersey would they customize the 2 as if they would have been when they were both brand new? To original specs is what I mean.

I have a brand new Reebok 6100 Colorado Avalanche Size 52 3rd Jersey waiting at home to be customized with Roy 33.

I was looking around ebay and found a Roy lettering kit which is apparently made by Stahls.


Can I send in a jersey with the lettering kit to have them sew it on? If so, what does that cost?

Does this kit look legit or original spec compliant?

What does IJ usually charge for customization?

I know it's a lot of ?'s and I appreciate the veterans helping out a newbie jersey collector.

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If you can supply pictures, Icejerseys can do whatever font you need to be done on the jersey.

I am not sure if you can supply the lettering kit and have them do it.

Customization is $79 + shipping ($8.95)


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