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Tim Connolly


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The Sabres today announced that they put Connolly on IR.

I like Connolly and have been a fan of his since he was an Islander. However, I do think he should consider retiring. He has already missed 1 full season due to his concussion issues and now he is likely to miss the first half of this season and more. He didn't play during the lockout so he had 2 full seasons off going into last year in which he played well, but he should really consider retirement already.

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Timmy has never been a favorite of mine, because I saw him behave very poorly on long island, with the fans - even with very young children - and never really could respect him after that. He may have matured, but I appreciate him as a player and question him as a person. One way or the other, I think the Sabres offense is fine without him. Timmy isn't expected to play before January, according to Ruff, and we only just placed him on the IR because we had to wait 10 games to be allowed to. Now his salary no longer counts against us and we might be able to call up someone like Daniel Paille from Rochester, to replace Andrew Peters on our fourth line (though Peters has been better than expected).

I think Tim should retire, but I don't see that happening until at leas the end of this season. I actually think that, as long as someone in the league thinks he can make a comeback and play like he was for Buffalo at the end of last year, than we should ship him off while there is still hope and try to get a solid 7th defenseman out of it. We coud package him with a forward prospect from rochester (we have plenty) or someone like Ales Kotalik, who has been a bit underachieving, and call up one of the many forwards in Rochester to replace him. With Tallinder out for 2 months and Paetsch filling his spot as our 6th D-man, I'd like to have someone other than Jillson on hand in case we have another injury. I think we ought to get rid of Timmy. We have no problem scoring without him.

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I remember watching a Sabres game before the lockout and the announcer called Connolly a huge disappointment. I don't remember which announcer or whose crew it was, but I think of Connolly, and 'disappointment' is the first thing I think of. I didn't think he was THAT bad.

Regardless, I agree, he should hang 'em up.

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