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Sandow SK Gunzo's Blackhawks jersey found in dad's closet any into appreciated

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First let me say, awesome jersey! And second, if you want to let it go I’m happy to take it off your hands. 

Regarding the jersey itself, Lysiak played for the Hawks from 78-86 and this jersey lines up for that era. The tagging matches what should be 82-83 as Gunzo’s tagging on the hem didn’t appear until the playoffs of the 81-82 season and for the 83-84 season the hem would have CCM branding. 

If you haven’t stumbled upon this resource yet, I’d highly encourage you to read it. Lots of amazing details in here:


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I appreciate all the help, I just looked over the link you sent its helpful. The material is definitely not mesh, its incredibly heavy and my player nameplate seems a little different than the ones shown. Do you believe it could be game worn? Seems like there is blood on it, incredibly interesting to me just reading about all the history behind it!

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It’s dureen, not mesh. Missing a nameplate but it could have been removed and the jersey recycled which was common for the era. Was likely added by someone later down the line. Looks really clean with minimal wear so unsure about being a gamer, but it’s possible 

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