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Have I Ruined This Jersey?


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Hi there,
I've got a clutch of old jerseys that I've been trying to number, using Ninh's guide. It's all been going really well - if time-consuming - until I finally got to the one jersey I actually want to keep for myself: a replica '96-'97 Penguins Starter home jersey.
I heatpressed all items according to Ninh's measurement guidelines, but due to the weird shoulder seams and massive shoulder patches of the Pens jersey, I had to look up images of gameworn jerseys to approximate the placements of the arm numbers.
The long and the short of things is that I'm concerned I've pressed the arm numbers far too low because, when I wear the jersey, they look odd to me. The gap between the penguin and the number looks huge.
Here are some images of my jersey and the reference images I used for comparison (I've not pressed the Captain's C yet):
Mine with Gameworn Francis from Penguinschronicles.com - BACK - FRONT
Part of the issue, I think, is that the Starter version of this jersey actually did place the arm numbers low, not only compared to the various CCM versions from other years, but also compared to modern jerseys, especially the most recent third jersey. So I think it looks a bit weird to the modern eye anyway. Also, the gameworn jerseys are obviously huge, with far bigger proportions and gaps, compared to my large replica.
That said, I still think I've done it too low and, since I'm looking for accuracy while still looking good, I'm interested in what you connoisseurs think.
Is it bad? Do they look stupid? Should I try and redo them? Is that even possible/worth doing? I see there's a guide on stripping jerseys on here and the numbers aren't stitched to the jersey yet.
Thanks for any advice!
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I am by far a Penguins expert, but that looks pretty good to me. Maybe a half an inch too low, but seems to match how they did the game worn jerseys.

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