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Baseball thread!


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OK, I'm enjoying this one. Since leaving the AF, I've been working at the Surprise Rec Campus where the Texas Rangers and KC Royals hold Spring Training. I spent all of Spring Training working around both teams and got to see first hand how they operate.

I'm impressed with KC and its great to see them doing well to start the season. They beat the Yankees again today and are 6-2 to start the year. Of course I know its a long season, but after watching those guys all Spring I'm happy to see they've got such a good start going. Their new manager, Trey Hillman, is a great guy and I think he's gonna have them doing well this year.

The D-Backs are giving us Arizonans a good start as well. Hard to believe when I started watching them in 2005, they'd emerge as a contender last season.

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I am hoping Oakland can put it together this year, but they are doing pretty well even though Chavez hasn't played yet this year and Harden has already found his way to the DL again.

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I'm just hoping the Pirates can muster a winning record this year (like that'll ever happen :)). One game above 500 will do :)

That would be nice to see. It was cool watching them win in 1997 with the low payroll they had that year. Since I don't live in Indy anymore, I don't follow them as much as the Indianapolis Indians are their AAA club.

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