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Teemu Selanne jersey foul-up


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On my honeymoon last April, Mrs. ZoomZoom and I had tickets to go see the Ducks play at the Honda Center. Now for my birthday, with the money I got I bought the new Ducks replica jersey. I decided to get my Ducks jersey personalized and after some careful thought, I went with Selanne. Scott Niedermayer would've been a choice now I wish I would've gotten, but you can't go wrong with Teemu either. Plus his number will probably be retired someday up to the Honda Center rafters. The jersey cost $65 to get personalized, so I went with it. I was happy with my choice and proceeded to wear my new Selanne jersey a couple of times the rest of the trip, but not enough to really do much of anything to it. It spent a lot of time hanging up...


Notice anything wrong with the jersey? I went into my closet the following Tuesday after getting back into Phoenix and something caught my eye. The nameplate was peeling right off and the number was coming off as well. They pull right off in my hand. The arm numbers came off easily as well. This jersey sat in a bedroom for a couple of months before I finally had the chance and time to look for a place to get it fixed. ArtCraft sports never got back to me regarding my phone call and email, so I just found a local seamstress.

The jersey today...



The stitching, well, holds it on. The lady did a pretty good job at it for $55 and I had to take it back in to get the nameplate centered up. The stitching isn't zig-zagged like I was hoping, but its barely noticeable on there unless you look at it closely. The arm numbers still are kinda misplaced and have the fabric folded up underneath them. Basically, I have spent a good $170 getting this jersey altogether, money that I should've just put towards one that'd already been done. Sorry about the quality of the lower pictures, they aren't very good.

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This is the same problem people have had who have gotten their Coyotes jerseys custominzed at Jobing.com Arena, and if you've spent any time walking around the arena you can spot several jerseys that are having the same peeling issues. Its a shame you had to spend all that extra money on something that shouldve been done right the first time.

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