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Athletic Knit takes over the ECHL jersey contract

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interesting. I'm not sure I've ever seen a pro version of an Athletic Knit jersey. They actually gave the USA their jerseys for the 1976 Canada Cup when the players complained that the Wilson durene set they got for the pre-tournament games were way too heavy.

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The ECHL was late in adopting the Edge style. They kept using the 6100 style until around 2014 or 15 unlike the NHL (07), AHL (07), and Jrs (08). 

I have a Toledo "ugly Christmas" jersey from a few years back that was made by AK. Lots of sublimation.  But that was a specialty jersey, as the press release stated they made for them. Would not surprise me to see something radical. Remember, the goal posts in the ECHL are blue, not red. Geico sponsorship IIRC. 

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From what is in NHL 20, it looks like not too much differences. The AK patch below the collar in the front and back, and that's about it. Some teams may have done some tweaking, but overall no radical changes.

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