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Official Game Puck vs. Replica Game Puck


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I was wondering if anyone might know the answer to this question, since some of you, like myself, may collect other forms of hockey memorabilia in addition to jerseys, such as pucks.

I collect Official Game Pucks, which up until now I always thought were the actual pucks used in NHL games.  These are made by Sher-Wood and are sold in an acrylic puck cube.  However, the other day when browsing nhlshop.com, I noticed they labeled a few pucks as “Replica Game Puck” such as this one:


It says “Official Game Puck” so wouldn’t it be what’s used on the ice?  Is there such a thing as a replica of an official game puck or does the site just have it labeled incorrectly?

Most of the others are all labeled as “Official Game Puck” such as this one:


I guess my question is are there really replica and real, authentic Official Game Pucks?  Has anyone heard of the replica ones before?  How could you tell if it’s a replica or not if both say “Official Game Puck”?  Maybe it’s just one of those weird ways the retail stores label it online but two terms would imply they’re different.  Usually, replica pucks are those meant for autographs that don’t have the Bettman signature on the back and aren’t sold in cases.

Hopefully someone else is a puck collector and has some knowledge of these.  I can’t find an answer anywhere online and you can’t tell from the photos.  They look identical.  Considering people here are sharp with the differences between jerseys, there may be two types of these official pucks that you may know about and I don’t.  Inform me if anyone can.

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These pucks pictured are over 30 years old.  the puck on the left is from the Ice an Oilers player gave it to me during the Gretsky days in LA.  The puck on the right is a souvenir that i bought from one of the gift shops at the fourm.  

No clue why the souvenir says offical while the other one doesnt. 


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