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Real Or Repro? NYI 20th Anniversary Patch

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Hey all,  I like hockey jersey patches, and one of my favorites is the hard to find NYI 20th Anniversary patch.  The ones I have I purchased from a private seller who obtained them from the equipment manager of the Isles at the time, so I was confident they were originals.  Two patches were made, one without the navy blue border for the away (blue) jerseys and a larger one with the blue border for the home white.  In my constant search to obtain more of these patches, I found one being marketed on a site called "Global Authentics", so I figured it must be the real deal, but when I saw the image of the patch, it had some obvious inconsistencies to the originals.  This (fake?) patch has an additional white border around the blue border.  The blue color was also very light, almost a baby blue vs. a navy.  also, the shadows of the 4 cups in the background are much more pronounced  in the originals.  it seems like I answered my own question, but since I saw the patch in question on a site that seems to pride themselves on authentic and historically accurate stuff, I wanted to see what you guys thought. The image with the two patches are the ones from the Islander equipment manager, the second the patch in question, and the last two are patches on gamers form that season both away and home versions.  Also, in a market where people are constantly reproducing versions of the older patches for the retail market, why have they not done this patch in any kind of volume?  this seems like an attempt to copy the original, but not a very good one, I guess.  Any opinions would be much appreciated... 


islanders 20th annniversary patch fake.jpg

islanders 20th annniversary patch game worn away.jpg

islanders 20th annniversary patch game worn home.jpg

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sorry, I just see a lot of "real or fake" in this section so I thought it was appropriate.  will repost on that.

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