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DropkickMurphy's "Get This Stuff Out of My House" Thread


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I've been out of the jersey game for a long, long time and I've been slowly parting with what's left of my collection. I've got all my stuff up on eBay but no serious interest so I thought I'd try parting with everything here. I'm a full-time photographer now and after investing heavily in new gear over the past few months, I could use some extra cash in my pocket and my jerseys are really just taking up space. I'm only selling rare stuff that wasn't cheap to acquire or customize, so the prices might look high to some of you. Don't like the listed price? Make me an offer! I'll consider anything reasonable.

Prices include shipping in the US. Canada/elsewhere pays actual shipping. Paypal as a gift/add fees or Venmo.

Nike 2010 Olympics Team USA Ryan Callahan, blue size large. Pretty sure these were never available as authentics but someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Asking $250 shipped in the US. Customized by our very own Brilliant! aka Mike, who has always done a fantastic job.






Nike 2010 Olympics Team Sweden Henrik Lundqvist, yellow size large. Also pretty sure these were never available as authentics and also customized by Brilliant! Also asking $250 shipped in the US. Buy this + Team USA Callahan for $400 shipped in the US. ***This is my absolute favorite jersey, so you may have a hard time negotiating this one down





New York Rangers Ryan Callahan 85th Anniversary Heritage alternate, size XL. Purchased from MSG and has the "A" along with the retired numbers in the hem. Nameplate and numbers are stiched. Asking $200 shipped in the US.







Finally, they're not hockey jerseys, but if anyone here is interested in MLB jerseys I've got my New York Yankees authentics that I'm considering parting with for the right price. All size 48, ***MUST BUY AS A LOT*** - I'm only interested in moving these if I sell them together. They're more valuable to me as a collection than they are individually, and my photography work presents me with opportunities to potentially get these signed and framed, so the only way I'd sell them is if you make an offer to buy all four of them together. Not actively shopping them, but if you blow me away you're welcome to have them.

All size 48 and all customized by Brilliant!

Russell Derek Jeter 1996 rookie home w/ WS patch + memorial armband

Russell 2000 Jorge Posada home w/ WS patch + memorial armband

Russell 2003 Mariano Rivera home w/ WS patch, AL 100 Seasons patch, American Flag patch + memorial armband

Majestic 2008 Andy Pettite road w/ ASG patch, Yankee Stadium final season patch + memorial armband

See photos here: http://s1203.photobucket.com/user/DropkickMurphy915/library/?sort=3&page=1 - baseball photos mostly on page 2

And while I'm here, I might as well pimp my business too. http://www.seanmurphyphotony.com


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