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Need help removing iron on patch


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So i recently bought a NYR Eric Lindros Authentic jersey, with. NYR 75th Anniv patch on the shoulder. Since Lindros wasnt on the team yet when they wore that patch, i went to go remove it only to find it was ironed on instead of sewen. 

Whats the best way to remove an Iron on patch without leaving anything on the jersey? Thanks.

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Go and buy pure Acetone. Flip the jersey inside out so you can apply the acetone to the fabric area that is directly under the patch. In a well ventilated area apply the acetone which will soak into the material and break the bond between the iron on adhesive and the jersey fabric. Slowly peel the patch and control the acetone to not spread to other areas. Once the patch is off wash with water and detergent. Then you can tackle any residue remaining where the patch was with more acetone from the top side this time. Repeat till clean. 

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I remember trying this with the exact same jersey (Rangers with the 75th patch)

It is totally up to you, but those patches were caked on.  I would just leave it alone and sell the jersey.  Wait until a Koho Rangers comes up without the patch.

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