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LTZ's moving sale


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I'm selling my house so time to thin out the heard, I'll be adding more stuff as I get to it, since Photobucket is being a little turd, no photos at the moment, I can text you some or you can see some on ebay under user name lewihaine_9

1. Demitra jerseys, home and away for both Kings and Wild, all work done by EPS.  All of them are Reebok 6100 series jerseys.  Kings home jersey is a stripped gamer and has 2005/2006 patch sewn on the inside by MeiGrey, I took the game used patch off the inside so people wouldn't try to say I duped them but still have it.  The Kings road jersey is a team issued.  Both road and home Wild jerseys are authentics.  All jerseys are size 56.  $100 each shipped within the US, add $10 to our brothers up North.  Can text pics or you can go to ebay and search lewihaine_9 to see them all. 

2. Vancouver Canucks Big Block CCM size 56 home (white) jersey.  It has been stripped and has some "bleeding" caused by the cleaning fluid that can probably be removed, I tried with Oxy Clean and it took a lot of it out but lost interest in the jersey.  This is the Ultrafil jersey and needs the Childrens Place patch on them.  Nice jersey it just needs to go to someone that will respect it more than me.  $100 plus shipping (U.S. $9.00, Canada $15.00)

3. Phoenix Coyotes KOHO, the red one not the landscape one, size 56.  Needs cleaned from a strip job, not a big issue.  $60 shipped within the US add $10 to Canada.

4. Vancouver Canucks Vintage authentic (with the V on the shoulder) home (dark) jersey.  Needs to be cleaned from a strip job.  I started cleaning the sleeve numbers and it comes off easy but I've lost interest in it so it needs to go.  Size 56, $80 shipped within the US add $10 to Canada.

5. St. Louis Blues new with tags size 54 team issued RBK 6100 road (white) jersey.  $100 shipped within the US add $10 to Canada.

6. Colorado Av's size 56 CCM neck tag.  Was going to make a Bourque SC jersey out of it.  Back of the jersey is stripped and just needs to be steamed to get the outline out, still has #30 on the sleeves.  $80 shipped within the US add $10 to Canada

7. St. Louis Blues size 54 team issued CCM neck tag jersey.  Needs a little cleaning, had #1 on it when I stripped it.  Has a little residue along the fight strap area and towards the top.  Nothing a little acetone wont fix.  $80 shipped within the US add $10 to Canada.

I work midnight's so it takes me a little time to get back to people.  


Okay, so here is the deal, I work A LOT, generally 9am until 8pm M-F and 9am until 5pm on Saturdays.  I can ship before I go into work, however I really don't have time to post pictures.  If you want some text me at 618.520.7244 and I'll be more than happy to send you whatever you want.  I'm generally up until 1am CST and back up at 6am to get ready for work and whatever. So don't feel bad texting late at night.  If I can't get you a picture right away I'll let you know.  

I do ship all jerseys in a jumbo plastic bag inside the box to protect them from the weather.

PayPal FF as payment is preferred however other arrangements can be made.

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New jersey's added!!!

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