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Five years ago, I made an account on this website because I had a lot of jersey questions.

I couldn't tell a China jersey from a real jersey. 
But with the help of users on this website, I learned a lot.
And when I wanted to buy a real jersey (not a premier) I was linked to some pretty awesome, legitimate, jerseys on ebay.

I bought two Blackhawks jerseys (one home and one away) and I get so many compliments!
People are always asking me where I got my jersey, and complimenting the embroidery. It's pretty awesome. 
They were actually advertised on ebay as Reebok edge 2.0s but when I got it checked out by William the jersey guy at the United Center, he told me it was a 1.0 But it was real nonetheless.


Idk I guess I just wanted to say thank you -if anyone from 2012 is still around, thank you.
This is my first time logging in since then haha.



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