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Ash's sale thread


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Not much to see here at the minute...

These jerseys, I'm really not expecting any interest from here (hence the little pictures) - I'm going to put them on the notice board where my kids play hockey, if anyone there wants them for training jerseys, but before I do, I'll mention them here, just in case they're wanted. 3 x CCM late 90s / early 2000s replica jerseys - Canadiens  (Sold)/ Bruins (Sold) are blanks. All three are size L. And, a really worn out Oilers jersey (the heat-pressed crest flaked off it), but if you are after some Ultrafil for nameplates, it may be of use (or if you want me to cut you a bit for a nameplate, to keep shipping costs down). I've no idea what to say price-wise, so I'll go for $25 on the replicas, $FREE for the Ultrafil jersey, plus shipping.

Random old jerseys

I'm based in Europe, which may well have an effect on shipping costs for most people on here, but I'm happy to work on getting cheapest / easiest postage solutions...

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