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Draft Day in Keeper Land (Story)


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So I had my keeper draft today. Walked away feeling like it went bad. Reason why...?

Basically it's 35 man roster.. 20 current, 10 Farm for extras, 5 prospects with 10 games or less. Problem is I have a lot of decent centres but now with Selanne and Niedermayer gone or going I'm getting killed in points when I have been so close to winning. But my Right Wing is hurting and was looking for remedy but sure enough there is next to nothing to choose from in the draft, I wanted Callahan but someone took him on me.

Anyway this is who I got out of 5 rounds. 1) Bieksa 2) Mueller 3) Kindl 4) Grabner 5) Mursak (LW Detroit). I already have James Sheppard and Josh Harding as other prospects but Harding is coming up to my farm team.

I don't like Mueller but in the 2nd round I'm thinking why the hell would I let myself pass him up but again I have a lot of centres. Here's the list.

- LeCavalier

- Datsyuk

- MacDonald

- Elias

- Wellwood

- Carter

- Kalus

I know some of these guys play wing but rules we have are when drafted that position must stick. SO I have my top 4 and 3 in the farm which is a lot in itself. Now I have Sheppard and Mueller as prospects, even worse I have had eyes for TJ Hensick and I think this kid could become a monster someday (80-100 point range).

After all that...two things. 1) DO you guys like Mueller as a fantasy pick (points only) and 2) Someone who is high on Datsyuk is offering me Stafford and Vyborny for Datsyuk and a 3rd rounder for next year. Should I consider taking it knowing that Dats is probably good for 80-90 points.

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