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Penguins Jerseys Through the Years


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I stopped briefly at the Pittsburgh Penguins newly renamed PPG Paints Arena (already known as the Paint Can) this afternoon to see Joe Toman's collection of Penguins jerseys. I purchased a couple of Fort Wayne Komets jerseys from Joe several years ago. He has the the most comprehensive collection of Pens jerseys that I've seen. It includes the road jersey worn by rookie goalie Les Binkley (top left) in the Penguins' first season, 1967-68; The alternate A worn by journeyman Duane Rupp in 1969-70; the No. 30 worn by G Gary Inness, 1976-77; and the No. 1 worn by G and current Pens GM Jim Rutherford, 1971-72. As Penguins VP for Communications, Tom McMillan, pointed out to me, note the blood stain in the white strip on the front of the Rutherford jersey. Rutherford is only 5-foot-8 but I was still struck by how small his jersey is. All are durene and for their age in Grade A condition. Joe told me a few years ago that he turned down an offer of $25,000 for the Binkley jersey. Several  of the white Penguins road jerseys from 1967-68 were on the open market about 10 years ago. They sold for about $5,000 to $6,000 each, so I suspect the Binkley jersey is now worth the price of an A3 Audi. Or in other words, it ain't cheap!



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I always like the blue and white jerseys more than the black and yellow.  I know that's enough to get me tarred and feathered, but it's more pleasing to the eye.  The 77-79 set are my favorites of theirs.  I wish the fans were more receptive to bringing those back as alternates, but everywhere I see it brought up, fans turn up their noses.

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