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Sandow SK Canada Cup jersey advice


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I have an old late 70s/early 80s durene Sandow SK Canada jersey and I'm wanting to get it done up. Gonna go with PERREAULT 11

Now in researching, they wore Sandow in the 1981 CC, albeit the jerseys look to be mesh rather than durene. The names and numbers though look to be the heat pressed / plastic stuff. 

My question is, do I go with the heat pressed stuff or actual stitching? I know it's likely a personal choice, and personally I'm leaning towards heat pressed just to be as authentic as possible, but thought I'd throw out a line to fish for any pros and cons or people with experience in the matter. 


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49 minutes ago, Brilliant! said:

Everything was screen printed onto those jerseys. It's a much different procedure than heat-pressing vinyl.

Hmmm. Doable then? Suppose I'd have to check with my local place that does it in Edmonton. 

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Looking like screen printing won't be an option. Nobody can do it for me....not without charging me an arm and a leg anyways. "Too expensive for a one-off." kind of thing. One place told me $90 just for name alone. Might have to go with heat pressed vinyl here.

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